illuminating Photography | About

Hi I'm Sooz, I currently live in a beautiful little town called Bellingen, it's on the Mid North Coast of NSW.


I LOVE to create beautiful things, photography is one of those things, and a passion passed down from my mum, which will forever remain a part of me!


I began photographing many things from a young age, things which I found beautiful and intriguing, mostly on our family farm and continued to take photos through out my teenage years, printing my work in the darkroom out on the back veranda at night. My parents would awake in the morning to find a clothesline filled with photos I'd printed the night before, and nowhere to hang the washing out!


Now, many years later I'm still just as passionate as I was when I first started out. Our world is such an amazing place and I genuinely look forward to capturing beautiful moments with you and your loved ones.